Schwarzkopf Trend Look: Gloss
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

Gloss is a particularly feminine look, which gets its modernity from a liberal dash of 1980s edginess. Perfect for a self-assured woman who isn’t afraid to experiment, a woman with a strong personality who loves to flaunt her femininity. Below shoulder-length hair falls in generous, soft but controlled waves below the chin. “Whether it’s worn with a side parting, centre parting or asymmetrically, hair curlers or curling tongs are essential for this look. A glossy finish perfects the style”, says Armin Morbach. Dark hair colours ranging from warm shades of brown to dark brown or black give the style strength and boldness. The make-up for this look: glossy eye shadow in bright colours and red or dark shiny lips that reflect the radiance of the hair.

Styling Instructions for the Gloss Hairstyle

1. Shampoo your hair and blow-dry it while pulling it over a round brush. Stop blow-drying when your hair is still slightly damp.
2. You create the large waves by rolling your hair from chin level to the end on large curlers or over a large-diameter curling iron. (Don’t forget to apply heat protectant first!) Leave the curlers or the curling iron in your hair for a short while. Allow your hair to cool before you remove the curlers or the curling iron. All you then have to do is pulling your hair in shape using your fingers.
3. Finally, comb your hair and apply extra-gloss hairspray.

Source: Schwarzkopf Professional