Get The Fabulous Curls You Always wanted!
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

Curly hair

Did Mother Nature fail to give you curls? No problem! Simply create them using curlers, foam curlers or a curling iron. Styling instructions explain how to style beautiful curls using everybody’s favourite styling aid, the curling iron.

1. After shampooing, work volumising mousse into your hair.

2. Blow-dry your hair (holding the blow dryer in safe distance from your hair) before using the curling iron. Starting on top of the head, separate a strand of hair, spray the strand with heat protectant and roll it around the curling iron. Wait a few seconds before pulling the curling iron out of the newly formed curl. Repeat the process as often as required.

Tip: If you want to curl only the ends of your hair roll the strands of your hair around the curling iron only up to ear level.


In case you prefer a more organised look, roll up your hair only in one direction (inward or outward).

3. Curl individual strands of hair starting on top of your head; then work your way toward the neckline. You may loosely secure the newly formed curls with clips to hold them in shape and keep them out of the way.

4. Newly formed curls must cool down thoroughly before you can remove the clips. Shake the curls in shape while hanging your head upside down. Alternatively, you can style the curls by running your hands through your hair. You may wish to shape your hair into a defined look using your fingers. Brush your new curls for a tousled voluminous look.

5. Apply extra-gloss hairspray or regular hairspray for more control and lustre.
In his video, hair and make-up artist Armin Morbach demonstrates how to create very soft curls without the use of curlers or a curling iron.