Choosing the Right Color
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne
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With the change of the season, we often want to change our look. Color can enhance a sleek new cut or add dimension to your current style. When choosing a new color, it is important to consider your hair color and skin tone.  There are two types of tones for hair: warm and cool. Determine if you are warm or cool is by your skin tone and eye color.

Warm Tones are the gold/copper color family and will add warmth to your look, which is often seen as red or gold.

Choose warm tones if you have:
-golden brown hair with fair skin and hazel eyes
-golden blonde hair with fair /peachy skin with blue eyes
-golden olive skin with black hair and brown eyes

Cool Tones are based in the blue/violet color family. Cool tones in hair color will decrease the warmth of your hair color and can be used to tone down brassiness.

Choose cool tones if you have:
-dark or blonde hair with fair/rosy skin and blue eyes
-very dark to black skin with black hair and deep brown eyes

Salon Lynne provides a helpful guide to choosing the color that suits you with their hair color direction chart. Using that along with their brilliant IGORA hair color, you’ll be sure to have a look you love for the new season.