Trendy Looks: Casual and Glamorous
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

This look adapts to the multicultural life style of today’s woman. Hair is allowed to fall naturally today and is draped elaborately in a demure or hip style tomorrow. The make-up follows the trends. It may be almost invisible at the meeting in Singapore, natural while strolling the New Delhi bazar or classy at a dinner party in New York. The appearances of women changes with the environment

The most important rule to remember is: Keep it fresh without resorting to extreme styles. Ideally, your hair is wavy for this hair style. Allow your hair to air-dry for the rock ‘n’ roll look. It helps to work an about tangerine-sized dollop of curling mousse through your hair to keep the waves alive and springy. Women with naturally wavy hair are clearly at an advantage for this look. After all, partially wavy tousled hair best represents the multicultural free spirit.

If a classy appearance is more your style you may like to pass on theĀ curlsĀ and wear old-fashioned 1920s Jean Harlow waves (water waves) instead. To create the water waves use jaw clips to push the hair up and together. Then allow the hair to dry and secure the waves.