Trendy Looks: Ethereal and Noble
Schwarzkopf Trendy Looks 2012: 'Saint Econic'

The look is reminiscent of the pure look of innocent angels. Long hair is artfully piled up to voluminous and elaborate updos or draped in delicate elfin waves.  Asymmetric partings impart a clean and exciting style element to the updos. There is however one element that is common to all these updos. This element is the voluminous back of the head in the Brigitte Bardot style.

Volumising mousse and powder should never run out in the styling kit for the Saint Econic look. For this look you are allowed to pile on the mousse and powder for a change. Work plenty of volumising mousse through your towel-dry hair before blow-drying it with your head hanging upside down. This is going to keep your hair bouncy all day. Then roll your hair onto thick rollers (e.g. large diameter rip-tape rollers) to further increase the hair volume. Blow-dry your hair completely and then allow the hair to cool completely. Remove the rollers gently.

Tease the hair on the crown of your hair and from there toward the back for the Saint Econic updo. Then secure the ends of your hair loosely near the hairline in the neck. Apply hair spray to keep the updo in place. The hair style is more suitable for everyday wear if you don’t pin the hair up but gather two side strands in the back of your head. In the latter version, the ends of the hair hang down and in lively fashion move up and down with every step you make.

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