Healthy Color Tips: Natural Hair
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

Are you ready to take your natural hair to the next level? Coloring your natural hair can be an exciting experience. Hair color adds dimension to natural hairstyles, dreadlocks or a simple short haircut.  Hair color can define your style while inspiring others to follow your lead.  Here is some expert advice to make the process seamless: 

You are introducing a chemical process to your hair therefore, the texture may begin to feel different.  If your hair feels a little dry after color treatment, that does not mean it will break immediately or at all. Chemical treatments can cause a drying effect, so step up your conditioning with moisturizing and oil treatments to prevent breakage.

Davines Nou Nou Pak Repairing Mask - natural hair care

Recommended Products – Combine your favorite natural oils such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, etc. liberally apply oil to your hair and scalp, cover with a warm damp towel, next cover with a plastic cap and process for approximately 15-30 minutes, shampoo, condition, style. Alternatively, use a rich conditioner such as Davines Nou Nou Pak, Davines Nourishing Conditioner.  Apply conditioner after shampooing, cover with a plastic cap and apply heat(dryer, heat cap) for approximately 15-20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and follow with style.)

Extreme hair color changes (such as lifting the color beyond 1-2 levels) might result in a looser curl pattern.  The curl usually returns after several conditioning treatments, but in extreme cases the curl pattern does not return to its original state.

natural colored hair

Protein treatments return strength to hair weakened after extreme chemical treatments.  It is not recommended to treat your hair with protein more frequently than every 6-8 weeks and should be immediately followed by a moisturizing treatment. Visit a professional hairstylist to ensure proper post-protein treatment measures are being taken. Influence Protein Treatment and Dudley’s DRC Protein Treatment are highly recommend and are In-Salon Services only.

natural hair short blondeMost importantly, always seek the help of a color specialist (ask if he/she is experienced with coloring natural hair (be specific)). Preparing your hair for the transition is mandatory. Consult with several professional stylists prior to making your final appointment. Choose someone whose skills and work ethic you are comfortable with. If necessary, the stylist should be comfortable being observed prior to your appointment.

Coloring your natural hair can be exhilarating, so most of all have fun with your color and love your hair!