The Proper Way to Care for Natural Hair
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

Salon Lynne specializes in all hair types, including natural styles.  Salon Lynne will customize a conditioning regimen for your hair and provide a smooth style to fit your needs.

Natural Hair is optimized with the proper care and conditioning treatments. Here are some general tips to keep your natural hair healthy and shining.

Tip 1: Rinse Daily If you are wearing your hair natural, and applying 2-3 products daily, this will build up and make your hair appear dull. Lynne recommends rinsing your hair daily with plain water. After rinsing, remember to re-apply moisturizing products to keep your hair protected.

Tip 2: Condition Before You Shampoo Prior to shampooing, Lynne recommends conditioning the hair with a hot oil treatment. Coconut Oil is best. Avocado, grape seed or olive oil are also great alternatives. A professional treatment Salon Lynne offers is the thermo-activated serum in the Midollo di Bamboo line by Alfa Parf. It is infused with bamboo which is a strengthening treatment but also seals your hair and gives it a little softness so it makes a little bit more pliable and easier to shampoo and blow-dry.

Tip 3: Heat Things Up Natural hair is more difficult to condition than relaxed hair because the cuticle lays flat against the shaft of the hair. So in order to achieve moisturized, shiny results, you have to force the cuticle open with heat. It is crucial so that the shaft will open and the oil will embed itself into the innermost part of the shaft. Otherwise it’s just sitting on top. This is easy to do at home by applying the oil through your hair and sitting under a hot towel, steamer or heat cap.

Tip4: Conditioning, Clarifying Shampoo Shampooing daily is too harsh for the hair and will strip naturally beneficial oils. Deep cleansing with clarifying or conditioning shampoo once per week, or three times per month is sufficient. Try products by Saryna Key, which are made with African Shea Butter.

Tip 5: Protect Your Hair. Natural hair is very porous and will absorb free radicals such as pollution and dust in your environment. Other factors such as sun and wind can also be damaging, so it is important to complete your daily styling with a serum to protect against environmental factors, and styling damage. For straight styles we recommend ThermaSmooth Serum and for curly styles the True Textures Leave-in Creme, both by Mizani.

Healthy natural hair client at Salon Lynne

Performing Artist Reesa Rene, Salon Lynne client