What inspires your hairstylist?
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

The artistry of hairstyling can be fueled by various art mediums such as fashion, culture, art, music, and political movements. Have you ever asked yourself what inspires the creative direction for the haircut  your hairstylist creates for you or their vision when they create a custom hair color?

As a stylist for many years, my inspiration is definitely ignited by many mediums of art.  Specifically, the energy surrounding the annual Fashion Week Debut as well as the extensive news and social media coverage of the designers planning for the big week. I get such a rush of creative juices during this time.  I also love and adore reading International fashion magazines and thumbing through the pages.  This gives me so much inspiration and pleasure.  So many of us have moved away from holding books and magazines but, I get extreme pleasure from holding a hard cover book or magazine for my reading pleasure.

Visiting museums and people watching also spark my creative juices. The portrait gallery and National Gallery of Art are two of my favorite museums.  The National Gallery of Art especially peaks my interest because of the shapes and movements expressed by the artists.  The shape of art remind me of the movement of hair and the styles I create for each client.

I also enjoy watching how people express themselves through coordinating their outfits for the day better known as “street wear”, or “street fashion”.  I love skimming the internet for street fashion around the world especially during Fashion Week.   The colors they blend together inspires my hair color trends.

Fashion designers create their couture line for the season based upon many mediums as well and choose makeup and hair to compliment the inspiration of their seasonal couture clothing line. Art is evolving and becomes cyclical as the years transcend us into another era.  Art enthusiasts and creatives like myself breathe, eat, and sleep fashion and any art form that might inspire our creative juices.

I encourage you to have an intentional conversation with your hair stylist or fashion stylist about what inspires them.  I also challenge you to ask yourself what fuels your fire, what sparks your creativity, what moves you to arise for each day and make a difference in your life and anyone you connect with. Continue to be a force in this society and leave an impression upon those you connect with. Do yourself a favor and continue to fuel your fire! Enjoy art and allow it to spark your creativity.