Healthy Color Tips: Relaxed or Fine Hair

Hair color adds wonderful depth to fine hair and a fashionable addition to any haircut.  Making smart decisions about what hair color you choose is critical, always seek a color specialist or trained professional. Check with your health care provider prior to receiving any chemical treatments to ensure that your hair is healthy…Read more

Treating Sun-Damaged Hair
natural curly hair

When thinking of sun damage, we don’t consider our hair. During the summer, we may forget to protect our hair. September’s fall fashion magazines inspire us to prepare for a new look, and you should also remember to provide TLC for your hair damaged during the summer that’s in need of repair. How The Damage Is Done Color…Read more

Healthy Color Tips: Natural Hair

Are you ready to take your natural hair to the next level? Coloring your natural hair can be an exciting experience. Hair color adds dimension to natural hairstyles, dreadlocks or a simple short haircut.  Hair color can define your style while inspiring others to follow your lead.  Here is some expert…Read more

Transitioning Tips: Natural to Relaxed

Transitioning from natural hair to relaxed hair is a “Hot Topic”. Some clients who have transitioned from relaxed to natural and are not completely satisfied with the outcome. Natural Hair can oftentimes require more maintenance and work than relaxed hair and some clients have shared that maintenance has become a lengthy daily…Read more

How to Use Hair Spray Properly

Most people have hair spray in their bathroom cabinet. Should you just spray it on top of your hair to give it the desired hold or can you also apply it close to the hair roots? Which of the many hair sprays should you use for different purposes? Meanwhile, there…Read more