Edge Treatment: Tips for a Healthy Hairline
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

Sometimes, despite the best care efforts, we face challenges in the quest to maintain healthy hair. This is particularly true when it comes to our edges. Many things, from tight styling, to chemical processes and woolen caps and scarves can compromise your hairline health.

1) Condition: Ron Williams of Phyto Universe NYC recommends PhytoSpecific Intense Nutrition Shampoo , which provides extra nourishment, and can be used once or twice a week. It’s popular with his clients since it’s “all botanical and made with great ingredients such as macadamia and kukui oils.”

2) Touch Up: Apply conditioners made with natural ingredients to the hairline. Avoid hairsprays with alcohol that can dry out your hair. Try Phyto’s Phytocyane Revatilzing Serum or the TIGI stick by Bedhead.

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3) Loosen Your Style: Sleek ponytails are only one option. Try a relaxed pinned pony to give your edges a break.

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4) Wrap it in Silk: Using a silk scarf while sleeping, or beneath your wool cap will protect your edges and allow them to restore.

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