What inspires your hairstylist?

The artistry of hairstyling can be fueled by various art mediums such as fashion, culture, art, music, and political movements. Have you ever asked yourself what inspires the creative direction for the haircut  your hairstylist creates for you or their vision when they create a custom hair color? As a…Read more


Although most of us will be celebrating the upcoming Holiday season indoors, we should continue our self-care regimen to uplift our spirits. Sometimes it’s the little things that keeps us going and in good cheer. How we look and feel plays a big role in maintaining a positive outlook and…Read more

CARDIOLOGY: Maintaining Heart Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kelly C. Epps-Anderson, MD, MSHP, FACC Interventional Cardiology and Structural Heart Disease Medical Director, Inova Women’s Cardiovascular Health Center Inova Heart and Vascular Institute 8081 Innovation Park Drive 7th Floor (571) 472-2900 MAINTAINING HEART HEALTH DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC As we prepare for another surge in the COVID-19 pandemic this…Read more

PSYCHOLOGY: Developing/Strengthening Healthful Habits to Emerge Post Pandemic with Emotional Well Being

William H. Byrd, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist Psychological and Educational Associates, PLLC 2826 Eastern Ave., N.W. Suite 325 Washington, D.C. 20012 (202) 726-6062 DEVELOPING AND STRENGTHENING HEALTHFUL HABITS TO EMERGE POST-PANDEMIC WITH EMOTIONAL WELL BEING Developing and strengthening healthful habits to emerge post pandemic with emotional well-being is a challenge that…Read more

Healthy Color Tips: Relaxed or Fine Hair

Hair color adds wonderful depth to fine hair and a fashionable addition to any haircut.  Making smart decisions about what hair color you choose is critical, always seek a color specialist or trained professional. Check with your health care provider prior to receiving any chemical treatments to ensure that your hair is healthy…Read more