Trendy Looks: Sexy and Wild
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne
2012 Schwarzkopf Look 'Bedlam Almighty’
© Schwarzkopf

If you love to be the centre of attention but can’t spend a lot of time in front of the mirror this look is the perfect hair style for you. The look requires some discipline but also satisfies your thirst for creative freedom. “The young untamed look of the new street warriors is simple and easy to style”, explains hair expert Armin Morbach.

To create this hair style you need volumizing mousse, volumising powder and a tail comb. These tools make it easy to build up hair volume without much effort.

Styling  at home is easy: Work volumizing mousse through your towel-dry hair and blow-dry it while hanging your head upside down. It is important to use your fingers not a brush to shape your hair. Then tease the root portion of your hair with the tail comb. Put a walnut-sized portion of volumizing powder into the palm of one hand and rub it slightly against the palm of your other hand before working the powder through your hair. Apply a dash of volumizing powder directly to the root portion of your hair to make sure that it does not lose its bounce. This hair style works best with a layered haircut.