Schwarzkopf Trend Look: Seek Colour
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

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SLEEK COLOUR: Fashion plays with unexpected colour combinations, mixed materials and multiple layering. Inspired by this expressive colourful variety in Sleekcolor the main focus is on colour.

Multi-coloured highlights and streaks, expressive ombre looks, coloured roots or tips – in this explosive interplay of colours there are no limits. Sleekcolor is a cool look inspired by street looks which flatters women of all ages who love to celebrate their own, distinctive style. “You can wear it with an evening gown or with a punky outfit with a leather jacket and biker boots; in this style the coloured hair is worn with a centre parting, overlong and ultra-glossy or as an asymmetrical undercut“, explains Armin Morbach, hair stylist and makeup artist. Bold eyebrows and precisely painted lips in red or pink emphasize the look.

Styling Instructions for the Sleek Colour Look:
The two-tone look is best achieved with pre-bleached hair because it allows the later applied red colour to glow.  Use a flat iron to create the perfect sleek look. Apply a straightening spray to keep your hair smooth for a couple of days. Use gentle shampoo for dyed hair for long-lasting colour protection and glowing lustre.