Transitioning Tips: Natural to Relaxed
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

straight hairTransitioning from natural hair to relaxed hair is a “Hot Topic”. Some clients who have transitioned from relaxed to natural and are not completely satisfied with the outcome. Natural Hair can oftentimes require more maintenance and work than relaxed hair and some clients have shared that maintenance has become a lengthy daily routine.  The unexpected requirements and time needed to style and maintain natural has caused many women to begin using chemical relaxers again.

If you currently have natural hair, below are recommendations to return to relaxed that incorporate a regiment that reduces the chemicals applied to the hair and time spent styling, that improves manageability.

1) Prepare for the transition so it will be smooth and consult your stylist to maintain a healthy hair regiment.
2) Ensure that your hair is in healthy condition prior to relaxing.

3) Utilize a mild strength relaxer to allow the hair to gradually adjust to the chemical treatment.

4) Deep Condition hair the day of the relaxer

5) Post Relaxer, alternate between deep conditioners and oil treatments for several weeks.

6) Do not get any permanent hair color for approximately two months to give your hair a chance to balance after the relaxer treatment.

7) Make sure you are aware of any health concerns prior to applying any chemical treatment(s) to hair. Medications and other health concerns that cause dryness could impact the quality of hair.

The transition can be very smooth by preparing your hair for the transition and continue a healthy hair regiment post chemical treatments. 


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