Let Your Hair’s Natural Lustre Show!
Article from the Beauty Blog by Styled by Lynne

Silky shiny hair is every woman’s dream. You can have it with proper hair care

Get your hair ready so that the spring sun can put the most appealing light reflections into your hair. After a long winter with too much styling and dry heated air, it is now time to put the highlights back into your hair. You would not want to come out into all this fresh new spring time splendour with dull, limp hair? Rough and scabby hair cuticles however cannot at all reflect light. Hair needs to be intact, smooth and supple to show the enticing interplay with light. Luckily, nursing hair back to health is child’s play these days. Below, we show you our best fast tricks to make your hair show that lively glow

Hair is supple and looks radiant as long as it receives the proper care. Always look for hair care products, which are made for your hair type and colour. There are for example special hair care products for the care of blonde hair with golden hair pigments for extra cool lustre. These products also contain ingredients, which gently burnish the outer hair surfaces by filling in the gaps and irregularities in the cuticle layer with substances closely resembling the hairs building blocks. The now much smoother hair surfaces are ready to interplay with the light of the spring sun or with candle light at night.

  • Care series for colour-treated hair have a similar effect. The colour protectants keep the intense colour pigments in the hair, filter out UV light, and provide rich nourishing care for the hair all the way to the ends.
  • Liquid silk ingredients lend more lustre and suppleness to dull, brittle hair.
  • Oils and nourishing sera also increase the hair’s ability to reflect light. Dry, depleted hair benefits from care products containing deeply penetrating Shea butter and Kashmir protein. These ingredients create amazingly supple hair, which dazzles with intriguing light reflections. After applying the special care preparation, wrap your hair in foil for best results. The developing moist warmth increases the efficacy of the conditioning ingredients.
  • If at all possible, treat your hair to an intensive conditioning treatment once a week but do it at least once a month. This provides the necessary moisture for your hair.
  • As a general rule, using a hair care series from a single manufacturer is the best strategy. The products of a single series add up to a harmonised package of ingredients, which complement and enhance each other. This gives you more bang for the buck.

Extra Tips for Extra Lustre
There is something else you can do to give your hair silky lustre. Actually, what you don’t do can help the most: Do not over-process or damage your hair. Shampoo your hair with lukewarm rather than hot water and rinse your hair clean with lukewarm to cool water. The mere thought of cool water sends shivers throughout your body? Don’t back out before trying it a couple of times. You may come to like the refreshingly cool water and feel vibrant after the experience. Blot your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it with rough motions. Time permitting, allow your hair to air-dry (unless you prefer the sleek look) or use the blow-dryer only briefly. Be sure to apply heat protectant before using hot styling utensils like a blow-dryer or flat iron.

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