Message from Lynne: Beauty is from within
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Lynne Wooden, owner Salon Lynne Washington DC“Beauty is to me an expression of your inner self.”

Each and every person is equipped with endless possibilities to push the ticket each and every day we open our eyes. I encourage all of you taking the time out of your busy schedule to read my message to try something new today while creating your style. Create your outfit around that necklace you pick up and put away every 3 months and never wear it. Make sure that your hairstyle accentuates your outfit. Hair is an accessory and you should use it to your advantage. Make it work today!

Try wearing a color you absolutely don’t think is suited for you and accessorize it with some of your favorites. Change is good. Express yourself today. Love yourself just a little more today. Love your hair even more. Trust me it’s like a domino effect. Your expression of self will impact everyone you come in contact with today and the end result is a beautiful thing.

Best, Lynne