Custom Hair Extensions & Wig Units
GreatLengthsUSA Extensions - Hot Fusion

Approximate lifespan: 3 months
Great Lengths Keratin Extensions Hot Fusion

The original and still unrivaled Great Lengths Thermal 3200 application machine.

In 1992, Great Lengths International created and patented the “Synthesized Keratin Protein Polymer” bond for the application of hair extensions. In short, the GLI bond's molecular structure mimics that of human hair so that it possesses the same characteristics of human hair.

Producing results simply not possible with any other system, the Great Lengths 3200 applicator tong is heated on one side. The temperature, which is approximately the same temperature as the lowest setting on a standard curling iron, is used to soften the Great Lengths bond so it can be molded to your natural hair. Unlike other systems, where glue guns and wax melting pots are used, the 3200 applicator allows for a very clean and precise application. The result is undetectable attachments that are brushable, durable and non-damaging. Approximate lifespan is 4 months.

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Micro-Link or I-Tip - Dreamcatchers by Paris Hilton

Approximate lifespan: 4 months

Microlinks or I-tips are an excellent hair extension method and have become a very popular method of adding hair to create a desired style. Using a special tool a section of your hair is threaded through a metal tube made of either copper or aluminum and sometimes filled with a silicone sleeve and then a pre-bonded hair extension with an end called an I-tip is inserted into the metal tube. A special tool is used to squeeze the tube and flatten it which then locks the hair extension to your hair. As no heat, adhesives or keratin is used, some think this method is safer on the hair. It is a breeze to remove the hair extensions. This method is an individual hair extension method which gives the most realistic look in movement and appearance. This method also has the benefit of the bonds being custom colored to match your hair color which blends them in well and they are also the smallest bonds available which makes them more comfortable, easier to conceal and easier to style.

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Weft with Micro-Link

Weft extensions are a fantastic way of quickly and more affordably adding hair extensions to your own hair. Wefts are hairs that have been sewn by hand or by a machine to a string. The preferred way I like to attach the weft hair extensions to my clients’ hair is by using silicone lined micro-links. These offer a secure foundation to sew the wefts on to and are quite quick to apply. They need to be removed and re-attached approximately every four to six weeks. If cared for the weft hair extensions can be applied over and over again using the same hair for up to a year depending upon the quality of hair used. The downside is they do not feel as natural or move as realistically as individual extensions.


Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent temporary choice. They are ideal for the client who is only interested in sprucing up their look for a night on the town, an event or a short period of time. They must be removed at night otherwise the clips can damage your own hair but with a short lesson from your stylist and a little practice you will be able to be an expert at applying them quickly and correctly. They can be styled either on or off the head. Relatively speaking they are considered very inexpensive for hair extensions with the price depending on how many pieces you need, the length and the quality of hair. Quality of hair is the most important factor in all hair extensions. If cared for clip in hair extensions can be worn over and over again for a year or more. The con is that they are not as realistic as individual extensions.

Extension Maintenance

Do not shampoo your hair for two days after your Great Lengths application. There is not a time limitation for Dreamcatchers application.

Shampoo gently and conditioner is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the hair. Utilize the proper natural bristle brush to detangle several times per day.

Wig Unit Maintenance

Handling the wig unit with care will maintain the beauty of the style and structure of the unit. Human hair wig units require shampooing and conditioning to maintain cleanliness and luster of the hairstyle.

Synthetic wig units should be shampooed as well with products recommended by the professional stylist.

Extension Removal

To remove your extensions I use different techniques depending on the type of hair extensions that you have. Safety to your own hair is my number one priority so I only use the very best products and tools to perform this service. My years of training have also allowed me to develop very intricate techniques to remove your hair extensions safely.